The Top 10 Romantic Flowers

August 22, 2018
by lelandjones

Flowers and romance share a long and passionate history. In fact, since ancient times, flowers have been the silent yet eloquent language of all matters relating to the heart! And, no, the rose does not have a monopoly over romance as is commonly perceived.

Let's have a look at the top 10 romantic flowers of all time.

1. Iris - Greek for 'rainbow' because of its lovely multi-colored varieties, the Iris is a symbol of faith, hope, courage, wisdom, and admiration. Ancient royalty has always shown a marked preference for the Iris, hailing it to be a flower of divine protection. Not surprisingly, the ancient Egyptian and Indian cultures revered this flower.

2. Wild flowers - Simple yet stunning and in colors to please every woman, wild flowers make for a gorgeous and eclectic bouquet. They symbolize spontaneity and thoughtfulness. And, yes, that she is as rare as these pretty flowers.

3. Lilac - Delicate, pretty and with a fragrance that is almost hypnotic, lilac stands for innocence and youthfulness. Another popular bloom on Valentine's Day, the lilac can set hearts on fire by its sheer presence.

4. Carnations - Perhaps the greatest arch rival of rose, the carnation stands for love and is the second most popular flower after the rose on Valentine's Day. It can remain fresh for up to three weeks.

5. Orchid - Exotic, unusual and breathtakingly seductive, an orchid means only one thing for a woman. She is exclusive and special and is loved passionately by the man who presents it to her.

6. Lily - Ethereal, classy and elegant, the lily is the flower to give if you wish to convey your devotion to the woman you love. It also stands for innocent beauty.

7. Tulips - Tulips signify perfect love and are great for those 'just because' occasions. These eye-catching blooms come in attractive hues like red, yellow, lilac and dark pink, and make for lovely bouquets. Just pick a multi-colored bunch and watch her face light up.

8. Daisy - Innocence, purity and loyal love is what this lovely flowers presents. The accused Victorian chant of 'he loves me, he loves me not' was sung while plucking the petals of the daisy flower. Giving daisies to a woman signifies your undying passion and love for her.

9. Sunflower - Gaining in popularity in recent years, the sunflower stands for adoration.

10. Red Rose - No list of romantic flowers can ever be complete without including the red rose - the classic flower of romance and love. The rose is said to have been the favorite of both Venus (Roman goddess of love) and Aphrodite (Greek goddess of love).

Source by Daya Sugden

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