2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Making Cotton Romantic

February 20, 2019
by lelandjones

Symbols, Romance, And Your Second Wedding Anniversary

Almost everyone is familiar with the traditional list of materials for wedding anniversaries starting with paper, with cotton on the 2nd anniversary, and ending with gold on the 50th wedding anniversary. It may come as a surprise that there is also a modern list that begins with clocks, goes to china, and has gold also as the 50th wedding anniversary. However, even fewer realize there are also flowers, colors, and gemstones associated with each wedding anniversary that can be used to symbolize your love and mark the passing of another year of togetherness.

How To Use The Flowers List For Anniversary Gifts

Flowers are very traditional gift items and many people appreciate their romantic and sensual properties. However, there's no reason to stick with fresh flowers, particularly if you want to have a keepsake of your anniversary celebration. Although, you can use the flowers list for your second anniversary and choose geraniums as a present, nothing makes a romantic statement like a rose.

One can buy roses manufactured with the materials of the traditional list for each anniversary gifts. For a second wedding anniversary, one could purchase cotton flowers, be they geranium or roses. This creates a special, durable bouquet of flowers that symbolizes the special fact that you have celebrated two years together.

Or you can combine the flower theme with other lists to punch them up a bit. You can make the flowers a different color each year, or hide a ring in each anniversary flower bouquet too.

How To Use the Colors List For Anniversary Gifts

The colors list is very minority and can be interesting to work with. The color associated with the first anniversary is yellow. This is fairly easy to do with any gift, either using yellow wrappers papers or buying yellow flowers or gemstones. However, the second anniversary color is papyrus yellow and may seem, to the discrimination, to be the same color. Therefore, colors actually should not be the entire present, but may be used to help support the anniversary theme.

How To Use the Gemstones List For Anniversary Gifts

There are lots of people who are aware that birthdays have gemstones associated with them. However, they do not know that anniversaries too have a gemstones list. The second anniversary gemstone is garnet. To use this list, one can buy garnet jewelry or one can combine it with other themes. Hiding a garnet gemstone in a flower is one way. Or adding a gemstone with a papyrus yellow color like citrine with the garnet can use both the color and gemstone list.

Finally, you could use traditional and modern lists with any of these additional symbols to make unique combinations all honoring your second anniversary. For instance, one could get a china plate with geraniums painted on it. Or it could be a lovely papyrus yellow hue. Or, one could buy some cotton clothing and add some garnet accessories to finalize the gift.

So, for those with difficulty trying to figure out what makes the perfect wedding anniversary gift, there are many lists of symbols for each wedding anniversary available to ease the gift selection process.

Source by Mark Dietzel

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